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A24 Farming is a family-owned operation growing hemp for fiber and cannabidiol oil, in addition to farming alfalfa and raising cattle.


Since 1922, the Roberti family has been ranching in the Sierra Valley, located east of the crest of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Since the early settlers came through this area in the late 1860s, the one constant has been the beauty of Sierra Valley. Although with an elevation of 5,000 feet and a short growing season, farming and ranching in Sierra Valley has and always will be a challenge to those working the land.

History records that from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, dairies, cattle and logging were the main industries in Plumas County.  Later in the 1960s, alfalfa production came into the area.

Today beef production is still the number one agricultural commodity, but those farming in the northeastern part of Sierra Valley continue to look for alternative crops in order to remain sustainable in what is now a global market. Over the course of his life, Helen Roberti’s husband, Elmer, was known to be a progressive farmer. Something Elmer often said to his family was, “If you’re not going ahead, you’re falling behind.”

A24 Farming is our family’s next step in moving forward.


We want to share what we’ve learned about industrial hemp with our community and all who visit our site. We hope you’ll take a minute to discover more about the crop too.

“With our short growing season and the limited number of crops that can be grown in Sierra Valley, our family is encouraged by the potential this new crop has to provide local farmers and our community.”

Jim Roberti

“We are very interested in what this crop can do to help others and want to share what we’ve learned about industrial hemp with our community.”

Dave Roberti